At Female BreadWinners we concentrate on two areas:

  1. Helping professional women develop political savvy, heightened visibility, stronger sense of career direction and increased overall confidence.
  2. Helping organisations to develop and retain the female employees who will lead them into a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Female is for women who earn a significant if not majority amount of the household earnings.  And the Big Secret? This is actually a large group of women and growing all the time! More women than men are graduating university,  women make up to 80% of all consumer decisions and companies now realise women in senior leadership positions bring better profitability and corporate governance as well as reflect their consumer base.

These changes will affect how professional women manage their careers,  the dynamics of their personal relationships and how the workplace retains and develops this growing number of female talent. It is our job at Female Breadwinners to help both women and employers negotiate these fast-paced changes for everyone’s benefit.

Run, don’t walk, if you work with a ‘Subclinical Psychopath’

Angry boss

We want to share one of the most popular blogs from our sister company, InclusIQ Institute, with you. If you’re ready to develop inclusive leadership in your organisation, you’ll benefit from our monthly bulletin InclusIQ Illustrated. We routinely work with clients who ask how to manage manipulative bosses or colleagues. There are often ways to get people onside, but depending on the evidence they have, the truth is that if you are working with a psychopath, they are unlikely to change. At a distance, these people can be fascinating to observe – which is why they […] Read more »

Why ‘Silicon Valley’ is Business as Usual for a ‘Brogrammer’ culture

Silicon Valley

New TV satire, Silicon Valley is centered around six ‘geek’ stereotypes who found a startup tech company. The sitcom’s sadly devoid of strong female characters. Instead it portrays a tech start-up world dominated by white men and the ubiquitous “brogrammer” culture. Some argue that the show’s mirroring the tech industry but with big tech companies, Google, Twitter, Yahoo and Facebook revealing disappointing gender balanced workforces, we at Female breadwinners hoped “Silicon Valley” would’ve presented a more positive and enlightening vision of the tech industry. There’s only one female returning cast […] Read more »

Women drive social media growth

Women and social media

It’s now widely know that women are responsible for purchasing 80% of household goods according to The Wall Street Journal. Their combined purchasing power make companies sit up and take notice. Plus, according to ‘Women Want More’ by Michael Silverstein they are more likely to recommendations from friends when trying new products, so it’s even more important for brands to relate to their female audience – and through the mediums they favour. An article by ‘Why women are the real power behind social media’, found of the 1,801 adults […] Read more »

Busy but bold women unite…Online

savvy woman on internet

The Internet is changing the way women talk about their experiences and increasingly their rights. While IT has historically been thought of as a male sphere, it is increasingly being used as a way for women to advocate and share ideas. As most women now hold down jobs outside the home, we increasingly use the social media and video clips to keep up with the zeitgeist; and this shift has not gone unnoticed. The recent Guardian article: 8 Ways digital is empowering women, highlights how social media, videos and online campaigns […] Read more »

Pretty or Pretty Brilliant? Encouraging Girls towards Science

Inspire her mind :Verizon Commercial 2014

As a little girl I was repeatedly told by my mother that ‘maths were beyond we Doyles’. A ‘fact’ I believed for many years until I decided to knock my fear of maths on it’s head by choosing to use quantitative analysis for my PhD rather than qualitative. And surpise, suprise, I made it.  But clearly I wasn’t alone in receiving a few unhelpful messages from an early age.  A powerful new advert by Verizon, suggests we are putting off girls from pursuing sciences from a young age with subliminal […] Read more »

Why ‘Flawed’ men outlast ‘Aggressive’ Women: It’s in the language

power pose

Aggressive. Aloof. A real bitch. There are a litany of derogatory words we use to characterise female leaders. Men are given more ‘wiggle room’ in terms of the behaviours we expect or sanction, but women have less latitude. As discussed in the recent Huffington blog post: This is how we talk about female leaders (Hint: It’s not pretty) , Nic Subtirelu, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Applied Linguistics and ESL at Georgia State University assessed the Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA) 450 million words of text from magazines, […] Read more »