At Female BreadWinners we concentrate on two areas:

  1. Helping professional women develop political savvy, heightened visibility, stronger sense of career direction and increased overall confidence.
  2. Helping organisations to develop and retain the female employees who will lead them into a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Female is for women who earn a significant if not majority amount of the household earnings.  And the Big Secret? This is actually a large group of women and growing all the time! More women than men are graduating university,  women make up to 80% of all consumer decisions and companies now realise women in senior leadership positions bring better profitability and corporate governance as well as reflect their consumer base.

These changes will affect how professional women manage their careers,  the dynamics of their personal relationships and how the workplace retains and develops this growing number of female talent. It is our job at Female Breadwinners to help both women and employers negotiate these fast-paced changes for everyone’s benefit.

Wilma Mankiller or Harriet Tubman: Who’s your pick for the US Currency Cover Star?

0326toonwasserman copy

The nonprofit group Woman on 20’s is running a U.S. campaign to put a woman on the $20 bill. This reminds us of the UK controversy when the Bank of England decided to replace Charles Darwin with Jane Austen on the £10 note. It’s disappointing that women and ethnic minorities still haven’t featured on currency in either country – other than the Queen who holds a hereditary title. This campaign highlights a great opportunity as the US will soon be marking the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th […] Read more »

Why ‘throwing like a girl’ should be a compliment!

Gender equality

We love the way the feminine hygiene products brand Always chose the dismissive phrase ‘like a girl’ to tackle gender inequality in their latest advertising campaign. Clearly, they are unpicking a former insult to sell more tampons. But we’re engaged as it’s still a big improvement on former campaigns of advertising dancers in white leotards. Their launch video shows adults & teenagers being asked to ‘throw, run & fight… like a girl’? Depressingly, all give weaker and ineffective versions of these three actions. But not all age groups are equally […] Read more »

Dads: ‘Second class parents’ if employers don’t pay equally for Shared Parental Leave

House husband

New Shared Parental Leave came into effect this week, with parents now able to share up to 50 weeks of leave in total, 37 of which would include statutory pay after the birth of their baby. While we at Female Breadwinners applaud the latest legislation, there are are already signs that some employers will ‘gender’ their benefits by giving a greater proportion of pay to mothers compared to fathers. If this happens it undermines the whole purpose of the bill and re-establishes the attitude that childcare is a woman’s ‘job’ […] Read more »

Women as ‘mentors’, but not judges: Reduce bias in organising competitions


I recently volunteered to give my time over a weekend to an Entrepreneurial start-up event. As an established business woman, I was asked if I’d mentor teams that had formed on a Friday night, on the Saturday and Sunday. The mentoring remit was to help them pull together an idea; establish market viability, and develop a business plan for pitching to a panel of judges on the Sunday night. In the run up to the event, several drafts of the list of mentors and judges were distributed. I noticed that […] Read more »

Christina Hendricks on why the gender pay gap is as outdated as Mad Men

Gender balance

We love the tongue in cheek swipe at the gender pay gap in this video of Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks. Showing off her antiquated secretarial skills in a modern office, she demonstrates how far technology and working practices have come since the 1960s. The rub is how women’s wages have stagnated over the same time period. The latest figures suggest the average full-time pay gap between UK men and women is at its narrowest, 9.4% since comparative records began in 1997 (17.4%). Minister for Women and Equalities and Business, Jo Swinson, […] Read more »

Baby coming after this weekend? How new family leave will affect you

dad's sharing parental leave, female breadwinners

One of our Female Breadwinner readers, Lily Donaldson, helped write a guide on Shared Parental Leave (SPL) after she missed out on the benefits afforded parents having a child after April 5 of this year. In her article she explains: ‘Until now, partners were entitled to two weeks of standard paternity leave, and while additional paternity leave of 26 weeks was also available, only one in 50 used the additional leave. With the introduction of SPL couples will now be able to share 52 weeks of leave between them when they […] Read more »