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Dr. Suzanne Doyle-Morris uses a practical and pragmatic presenting style to discuss how professional women can achieve rapid career advancement. As author of Female Breadwinners: how They Make relationships Work and Why They are the Future of the Modern Workforce following the huge success of Beyond the Boys’ Club: Strategies for achieving Career Success as a Woman Working in a Male-Dominated Field, her keynotes focus on modern diversity issues that address how both businesses and individual women must adapt to succeed.

As Director of Femalebreadwinners.com, Suzanne Doyle-Morris’ expertise is born out of her coaching work with professional women as well as her Ph.D research from the University of Cambridge on the experiences of women in male-dominated fields.

Dr. Doyle-Morris has presented at events for Clifford Chance, Unilever, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Thomson Reuters, Accenture, Deloitte, BP, Hewlett Packard, the University of Cambridge, Barclays, Women in Banking and Finance, European Professional Women’s network and Women in Technology among others.

In her keynote  “How Proactive Companies are Adapting to the Rise of the Female Breadwinner” she addresses why competitive organisations must adapt to the rising tide of women who are the main earners for their family. She then shares the top tactics forward thinking organisations are employing to retain and develop their senior women employees.

When presenting on “Moving Beyond the Boys’ Club” Dr. Doyle-Morris offers tangible strategies that audience members can enact immediately to get noticed by senior stakeholders. She helps women become comfortable with self-promotion in order to get the recognition they deserve, for themselves and their team.

In her presentation on “Women’s Leadership: Unleash Your Superpowers” Dr. Doyle-Morris explains the three key skills high performing women have in spades and why these skills add to the bottom-line. Why should companies value the skills where women consistently outperform men in the workplace, and what are managers missing when they overlook these key strengths? Using humour and an approach that refuses to ‘fix the women’, this presentation is ideal for reminding audiences what they are already great at – and how they can capitalise on those innate strengths.

As a keynote presenter or panellist, her broad expertise on diversity issues makes Dr. Doyle-Morris one of the most credible speakers on the challenges… and opportunities…for today’s working woman.


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 What Clients Say About Suzanne’s Events

“Suzanne is one of my favourite presenters: not only is she entertaining and forthright, she also has fascinating insights and provides practical tips and advice which can be put to immediate benefit. A pleasure to have at events!”Laura King, Partner, Clifford Chance

‘’Suzanne was engaging, inspiring, abundantly pragmatic and was able to inject great humour into her presentation. Feedback has been tremendous, Suzanne touched hearts and provoked minds, exactly what we needed!’’Julie Watson, Chair Women’s Network, Unilever

“Suzanne’s advice was easy to follow, but more importantly, her tips were all something that you could walk away and implement immediately. Cannot recommend her highly enough. Thanks, Suzanne!”Lena Young, Director, Morgan Stanley

“She is popular and has a lot of credibility with women in our organisation and she provides effective and accessible expertise. We know if we want to be sure of a successful event, Suzanne will deliver.”Sigrid Fisher, Head of Equality and Diversity, University of Cambridge

“Suzanne was a pleasure to do business with at all levels and is highly engaging and entertaining as a speaker. Her accumulated knowledge about women in the world of work is and should be highly valued.”Mary Hensher, CIO, Deloitte

“Suzanne’ s message was very powerful and simple, “no one cares as much about your career as you do!” Suzanne gave our group some very practical and actionable ideas to help progress their careers, and some very personal advice regarding balancing their work and home life. It was a terrific session and we are looking forward to having Suzanne come back!”
- Jane Moran, CIO, Thomson Reuters

“I cannot praise Suzanne highly enough. She is extremely personable, knowledgable and real. Straight talking but full of useful career advice. I wish I had been fortunate enough to have known Suzanne when I was starting out in my career. Read her book, attend a workshop or work with her. This is the best career move you will ever make. “Sheryl Newman, Founder, Girl Geeks Scotland