At Female BreadWinners we concentrate on two areas:

  1. Helping professional women develop political savvy, heightened visibility, stronger sense of career direction and increased overall confidence.
  2. Helping organisations to develop and retain the female employees who will lead them into a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Female is for women who earn a significant if not majority amount of the household earnings.  And the Big Secret? This is actually a large group of women and growing all the time! More women than men are graduating university,  women make up to 80% of all consumer decisions and companies now realise women in senior leadership positions bring better profitability and corporate governance as well as reflect their consumer base.

These changes will affect how professional women manage their careers,  the dynamics of their personal relationships and how the workplace retains and develops this growing number of female talent. It is our job at Female Breadwinners to help both women and employers negotiate these fast-paced changes for everyone’s benefit.

Without Maria Miller is there no room for outspoken women in Tory top seats?

Maria Miller

When the position of Minister for Equalities and Women’s Minister was up for grabs following the resignation of Maria Miller from the cabinet last week, the big question in everyone’s mind was: Who would David Cameron choose to fill Miller’s shoes, especially with the election looming next year? There is a distinct lack of female representatives in Government with only 3 women running departments out of a possible 22. The Government is “out of touch with the reality of women’s lives and struggles” thinks Gloria de Piero, the Labour shadow minister […] Read more »

Every professional woman has ‘baggage’: What does yours say about you?

business travel capsule wardrobe

If you are a business woman who travels regularly you no doubt have a packing routine designed to save you time. But as a woman who travels to London from Scotland several times a month myself, I recognise the value of light, well-crafted luggage – and well co-ordinated items to go within them. Does your luggage enhance your image or scream ‘bag lady’. I asked Capsule Wardrobes to give me their tips – here’s what they recommend: What does your luggage and travelling outfit say about your brand? Don’t forget […] Read more »

Snickers Advert: Is keeping men hungry the answer to gender equality?

Australian Snickers Ad

“Do you wanna hear a filthy word?…..” shouts the construction worker from the scaffolding to a passing woman. We at Female Breadwinners cringed before hearing the catcall, “…..Gender bias!”. We were not expecting that! The latest Australian advert for Snickers involves actors shouting non-sexist hoots, such as the one above, to passing women. The messages expressed are respectful, gender neutral and indeed empowering. One builder catcalls: “You know what I’d like to see? A society in which the objectification of women makes way for gender neutral introductions, free from assumptions and expectations. […] Read more »

Like Aretha Says: ‘R.E.S.P.E.C.T! – 5 Ways to Get More Respect as a Woman Manager

women manager

Respect is elusive for many managers, though especially those who lack leadership skills, rule by fear, or aim to please team members versus putting the company’s best interests first. However, there are also plenty of managers who truly deserve respect but struggle to get it. In our work at Female Breadwinners, we find women managers are faced with difficult challenges in this regard- including employees who find them unreasonable or allow bias to creep into their judgements. A wonderful article in Forbes recently covered the ways managers can get more respect […] Read more »

Publisher Calls Biology Blogger an ‘Urban Whore’ for Asking for Payment


  No matter how frequently we report on sexism in the workplace, we are still often surprised by the audacity of those who discriminate even in the most mundane situations. In one such shocking incident, biologist and science blogger Dr. Danielle N. Lee was called ‘an urban whore’ when she inquired about compensation from the journal Biology Online. What BO didn’t count on was the social media arsenal someone like Dr. Lee has at her disposal. Dr. Lee wrote for the Scientific American blog network for over two years under the […] Read more »

Why Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Lean In’ Culture is Killing Us


As you can imagine, the recent article in the Washington Post :’Recline, Don’t Lean In: Why I Hate Sheryl Sandberg‘ caught our eye. As an organisation that helps women and men ‘lean in’ to workplace gender equality, we recognise that ‘leaning in’ is de rigour for any aspiring professional. However, it’s a hollow victory if we only achieve equality of exhaustion. The article by Rosa Brooks, a foreign policy expert, explains the dangers of continuously leaning in: ‘We’ve created a world in which ubiquity is valued above all. If you’re not […] Read more »