10 Things Women Do To Ruin Their Careers

Woman with apple Apparently as a woman in business you must remember not to brush your hair or touch up your lipstick whilst talking to your colleagues because of course we all do that don’t we? Well according to a list supposedly found on the desk of every female HR employee at Citi we do need reminding. This and another nine “tips” make up a list of things we do to sabotage our career. You can see the full list here, but others include "smiling inappropriately"  and therefore not being taken seriously, “asking permission” men it seems don’t ask, they inform and “sitting demurely” when we should have our forearms resting on the table and be leaning forward to exert power. In other words to get on we need to behave more like men. However, as one of the commenters on the piece says 'thank God, women are polite, civilized and multi-tasking….and when a woman doesn't 'get on', it's generally because she doesn't want to'. On a more serious note there are a few good tips here in particular being visible and ensuring you speak up to get credit for your work. Meanwhile I’m just off to powder my nose!

UPDATE – As a fair female (after all fairness is one of our failings!) I thought I should add a link to this post on 10 Things Men Do To Ruin Their Careers.

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