Gender Matters – it seems it does in faculty hiring.

Woman with qualifications My long-time friend from CAMAwise, Esther Haines, sent me this great article about whether it makes a difference having a woman in the top job when it comes to faculty hiring. It appears that women have made slow but steady progress in representation on college boards and this seems to be having a positive effect on the number of female faculty members. Cornell Higher Education Research Institute released a study undertaken over a long period of time, and a large sample of institutions, which could give value to the argument that change at the top of institutions could lead to change at junior faculty level. According to the report of a recent National Research Council committee, there is evidence that the gender of the chair of a faculty search committee can influence the likelihood that female Ph.D.'s will apply for a position in science and engineering fields at major research universities. More research is needed on deans and department chairs to see if having women in leadership is related to the hiring of more women, but the results would appear to be positive for women, particularly in science and engineering.

Why office gossip can be good for you

Watercooler talk This story in Forbes caught my eye as spending time on water
cooler talk
is something that I do recommend in my coaching sessions for women.
Office gossip isn’t always bad for you, the reality is that many deals are
informally agreed
and relationships strengthened during this ‘down time’ with
colleagues. If you never participate in the banter and the ‘what are you doing
this weekend’ type conversations you may not be seen as a team player.  As Donna Eder co-author of the paper
"Strategies of Adult Gossip" says, when you aren’t the leader you don’t
have as much power to express yourself directly, so a well placed piece of
could do the job for you. The professional female needs to learn this social
and use it to her advantage to create camaraderie particularly if she
works in a mostly male dominated environment, where she may be excluded from
the golfing and drinking outings.

How to get the recognition you deserve, and take control of your career

Women networking As you may know I am a great believer in mentoring and
and the benefits they can bring to your career. In particular for career
women working in a male dominated environment
. This is one of the reasons I
created my Beyond the Boys Club Boot Camps. Having run the first Boot Camp
during January and February I was absolutely delighted with the feedback I
received, with Boot Campers saying they ‘couldn’t believe’ the difference the
Boot Camp was making to their career
, and that was before they had even
completed the course! Not only will you get the opportunity to network with the
other Boot Campers
, I will also teach you some valuable techniques for
networking within and outside your organisation to enable you to widen your
circle of influence
. You will also learn how to raise your profile – something women
often find difficult – to get the recognition you deserve. If you are a
professional female who really wants to move your career on to the next level take
the opportunity now, because this is the last Boot Camp to be offered at the
special introductory price. It was such a pleasure to work with the last group
of Boot Campers and I am really looking forward to the next group.To find out more and book your place go to Beyond the Boys Club Boot Camp

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