5 Best Questions to Show you Mean Business at a Job Interview

When you get to that point in the interview where the interviewer says “Do you have any questions?’ you better be prepared. It always looks better if you can ask something – even if all your questions have been answered during the course of the interview try to keep at least something up your sleeve to ask. This shows real interest in the company, and the best questions you can ask are about them not about you. The top 5 are:

  1. ‘How would you describe the ideal candidate?’ This question is a great way for you to bring up your past experience and relate it to their needs, and you can supplement it by asking what top three qualities they are looking for.
  2. How do you envision this position supporting you?’ This question cleverly puts you in the position of appearing to be concerned about what you will be giving them, and how you will be making their life easier.
  3. ‘How does this position fit into the company’s long term plans?’ Here you can bring up the subject of the business strategy, why there is a vacancy and what the career path for this role is.
  4. ‘How would you define success for this position?’ Remember an interview is a two way process for deciding if you are right for the company but also if the company is right for you. The answers to this question will help you gauge what type of the boss the interviewer is, how they manage and whether they have a structured review process.
  5. ‘What can I do for you as a follow up?’ This shows a keenness on your part to influence the decision and enthusiasm for the job.

It’s debatable whether you should bring up money, as this article in Forbes demonstrates there are pros and cons. You may feel that asking what the salary range is will save time on both sides if it is well outside what you are expecting. On the other hand if you know they really want you, and haven’t discussed package previously, you will now have some bargaining power. If you are a career woman preparing for your next interview remember to use these questions rather than trying to rack you brains for something ask.

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