A Celluloid Ceiling for Women in Hollywood?

Oscar_statuette While I may be personally disappointed that no Oscars went to Atonement last night, I was even more dismayed to read that in 2007 a meagre 6% of Hollywood films were directed by women. While we like to talk about what gains women are making in virtually every area, this represents a net loss from 11% in 2000! Not great. Christopher Goodwin writes about the dearth of women in yesterday’s Sunday Times…"When the Oscars are handed out in Hollywood tonight, it will be surprising if the films with the most nominations – No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood, with 16 between them – don’t walk away with the big prizes. Bleak, violent, male-orientated, these films seem to have touched the dyspeptic, Iraq-shaded nerve of the times. They have certainly wowed the critics, even if they have not become huge audience pleasers, especially with women."

What were your favourite films of 2007?

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  • Bobtowney