A Third of Engineers Don’t Care if Few Females in Industry

Engineering_plant As written about in the Sunday Times "It might take one woman to change a lightbulb but it takes a few more to enlighten a traditionally male-dominated profession. " I was shocked to read that EPCglobal, a recruitment company for engineers and construction experts, recently surveyed engineers to find that 30% of the respondents didn’t think women performed as well as men in all fields and levels – and almost four in 10 didn’t care if females were underrepresented in the industry. Talk about miserable results! If attitudes like these persist, the brain drain in Britain on good technical talent will only get worse. The UK has come from a strong engineering tradition yet is hemorraging jobs to developing nations that don’t seem concerned whether an Engineer is a woman or man.

According to the Times report on "100 Best Companies" EPCglobal does not share this view and seeks to encourage more women to enter the engineering industry. An unusual company value is “transformation” and, in order to help alter the equality balance of the industry, the firm works with the UK Resource Centre for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology to fund research and awareness-raising projects. The business, based in Sheffield and with offices in London and Bristol, helps about 600 people a year find jobs in places as far away as Dubai and Australia.

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