Anatomy of a Decision

Womanwithblackberry I was recently reading an article by Mary Goulet which perfectly summed up why people get so caught up in making big decisions and how to make them from the right place. I run a workshop called "Overcoming Indecision and Getting Unstuck" so thought this was a great summation as it tells you how to know if you are making a decision from either your head, heart or gut.

Getting used to "going with my gut" has been a steep learning curve for me as a former academic trained only to respect so-called "logical thinking" – from the head. However, when I have gone with my gut, there has been temporary pain but never regret.

Where’s your latest decision coming from?

  1. Head (fear-based): "It speaks in sentences and asks questions beginning with why? what if? how? It has an agenda, gives explanations and makes excuses. It will manipulate, justify and rationalise. It is particularly prominent among those with academic training who think they know better than their gut.
  2. Heart (emotion-based): "Don’t make decisions from your heart. It will follow your head or your gut, whichever is most dominant".
  3. Gut (courage-based): "The gut has no agenda or attachment to an outcome. It is calm and patient and not concerned with your level of comfort. It speaks in statements of five words or less". I would add that if you ignore it, it will start to show up as stronger and stronger symptoms in the gut – literally making you sick with worry.

To answer those who feel "so confused"? You do know what to do, you just don’t like the answer your gut gave you. Your gut is telling you what to do, you just need to act on it. Hard truth, but recognisable if we look over our lives. When did you ignore your gut? What happened as a result?

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