Are you on the Right Career Path?

Railway_path I don’t always get time to read Personnel Today cover to cover, but when I have a few minutes I like to browse the site online to stay on top of the latest in people development and management. Found this great piece -(though sad!) about how many people questioned they are on the right career path! As writer Tara Craig points out "Most of us will at one time or another have wondered whether or not we were in the right job. While this may be no more than a response to a bad day in the office, research by the Skills Commission has shown that many of us are in the wrong job – one in five of us, in fact. And 41% of those questioned admitted to having been in the wrong job at some point in their careers. According to the research, people spend an average of four years and 10 months in jobs that fail to make the most of their skills. And just 4% of those who managed to escape from the wrong job sought formal careers advice before making a move."

That is dreary reading, so I responded with a plea that people get help if they are unsure they are in the right career for them. I commented " Rarely do we spend enough time in productive thought as to whether we are in the right career. The first step is in looking at whether it feels like a “job” or a “career”. If your answer is “job” you owe it to yourself, and your employers, to talk it over with a qualified careers advisor or coach, rather than quietly mull over the feeling that something is missing." Check out the full article here.

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