Be Assertive…It Literally Pays

Money euro Professional women who worry more about being nice than getting ahead are losing out financially. New German research published by the Institute of Leadership and Management found that career "women who take an 'alpha female' approach in the office earn four per cent more than those who act in a 'passive' manner – which over a 40-year career, could mean aggressive women earn an extra £40,000 during their working life. Guido Heineck, lead author of the study, claimed that "being nice does not pay for women". He said: Traditionally, women are more passive and likeable at work. This shows that to be successful in the workplace women have to adapt a more alpha male-like behaviour." The difference is likely to be down to the way more timid professional women may fold earlier and for less money, during salary negotiations. I don't think the answer is to be "meaner" but to be more assertive when asking for what you want – a good lesson for any woman in and out of the workplace. 

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  • mhairi

    Thank you for qualifying the research outcomes to give the message about being assertive, especially during pay negotiations. I had horrible visions of needing to take part in Alpha-Female contests :-)
    I would imagine one needs to practise being more assertive, in order to build-up the confidence for oneself, and the track record to demonstrate to others, that one is worthwhile and knows it.