Book reviews on Finding Balance as a Working Woman

BooksAs the summer holidays approach many working women will be struggling to balance their time between their career and their family. So I thought  this month, I’d share some of my favourite books on a topic highly relevant to those of us working women, and increasingly men, who feel harried at the end of a long day!



time management‘ Time Management for Manic Mums’ by Allison Mitchell: This book is as well organized with lists and to-do action items – vital tools of any working woman. Written by a parenting coaching, this is great read for working women who feel they never have enough time to get everything done.


superwomanStep Aside Superwoman’ by Christine Quinn. Quinn, who coaches in the corporate sector in London, puts her own personal spin on what it takes to juggle work and family successfully. She argues that with organization, commitment, and a good sense of humor working women can have it all.



four hour work week‘The Four Hour Workweek’ by Tim Ferriss. Taken from a completely different viewpoint, if this book does not challenge your ideas about delegation, nothing will. Ferriss takes the rather contrary viewpoint that there is a shortcut to everything in life and that most of your work can be done by someone else – if you delegate to them effectively. Controversial certainly, but his points regarding using virtual assistants, however, to get your day to day family administration done is a lesson most working women could benefit from. I’d recommend it for the strong reaction you may have to it either way.

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