Bottom Line Benefits of Flexibility for Working Women

Woman leading conference  If there is one silver lining of this recession - it is that companies are beginning to wake up the face that a long hours, high risk, old boys club is perhaps not best for business. In a Time magazine article optimistically entitled "Women Will Rule Business" writers Claire Shipman and Katty Kay describe how "… the female management style, education levels, purchasing clout — is already being used, by pioneering women and insightful companies, to create a female-friendly working environment, in which the focus is on results, not on time spent in the office chair. On efficiency, not schmoozing. On getting the job done, however that happens best — in a three-day week, at night after the kids go to bed, from Starbucks. And here's the real kicker. When a company gives employees freedom, it doesn't just feel good or get shiny, happy workers — productivity goes up. Ask firms like Capitol One, which runs a company without walls or mandatory office time. Or Best Buy, which implemented a system called ROWE — results-only work environment — and found that productivity, in some cases, shot up 40%. Flexibility is no longer a favor to be handed out like candy at a children's birthday party; it's a compelling business strategy." Let me know how your company is responding to the changing tide?    

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  • mhairi

    Does anyone have suggestions for finding flexible employers?
    I’ve used sites like the Times’ Best Places to Work, but there so many criteria and really, flexibile/home-working is the only one that interests me!

  • Danielle

    Given my frustrating experiences of customer service at Capital One, I’m not sure they’re the best example of the benefits of flexible working!!