Building Your Career Dream Team: The 10 People You Need to Know to Succeed

Woman-in-group-in-red There are ten key people you need to have in your network who will provide a well rounded group to help with your career according to an article in Forbes:
The Mentor – Someone who has reached the level you aspire to and will teach you based on their experiences.
The Coach – Is a person who will help make critical decisions whilst being objective.
The Industry Insider – They will keep you informed and provide expert information in your chosen field.
The Trendsetter – Someone outside of your chosen field who has their finger on the pulse, will give you the latest news, and help keep your conversations interesting.
The Connector – An invaluable person who has access to people, resources and information and gets you access to them when you need them.
The Idealist – Your brainstorming partner who helps you work through your ideas without judgment or criticism.
The Realist – The person who brings you back to earth and challenges your ideas to help you find the path to make them happen.
The Visionary – They can inspire you to make powerful changes to your direction and thinking.
The Partner – The person you share with who is on a similar path to you. They share resources, opportunities and information as well as the wins and the losses.
The Wanna-Be – The person that you can mentor and share your experiences with so that they can follow you and keep you on your toes to succeed and set an example.
If you are serious about building a strong network – and I recommend as a woman in business you do to leverage your career – look at your current network and see what gaps you need to fill.

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