Busy but bold women unite…Online

savvy woman on internetThe Internet is changing the way women talk about their experiences and increasingly their rights. While IT has historically been thought of as a male sphere, it is increasingly being used as a way for women to advocate and share ideas. As most women now hold down jobs outside the home, we increasingly use the social media and video clips to keep up with the zeitgeist; and this shift has not gone unnoticed. The recent Guardian article: 8 Ways digital is empowering women, highlights how social media, videos and online campaigns are putting women’s rights on the public forum.

The Representation Project and other advocacy groups use social media hashtags such as #notbuyingit, #changetheratio, #banbossy and #Mediawelike in their campaign to challenge gender stereotypes. Business woman and savvy communicator, Oprah Winfrey sent a tweet to her 21 million followers which generated massive support for The Girl Effect. ‘We are enough. We matter. We are NOT invisible. Girls around the world are having their say. This is the moment to listen. #GirlDeclaration’. Amazingly this simple tweet virally generated a massive following.

Video campaigns such as Jackson Katz’s YouTube video ‘Violence against women—it’s a men’s issue’  are clearly powerful. The message focused on the role boys and men have in ending gender based violence. Considering it features no dancing cats or naked celebrities, the clip has been phenomenally successful with over 1,216,000 views.

Online platforms and petitions such as Pinkstinks, Daughters of Eve, and No More Page Three tackle issues ranging from gender media stereotyping, female genital mutilation and glamour modelling. Clearly if you have an issue worth highlighting; online is increasingly the way to go for savvy women.

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