Case Studies

What Can Be Accomplished?

Benefits for clients include:

  • Increased confidence
  • Heightened profile within the organisation
  • Recognition of self as change agent
  • Decreased self-doubt

Case Study One: A client with managerial responsibilities over 8 people in a software company was preparing to start a family. She wanted to build the leadership and presentational skills of her team in order for her to take a maternity leave confident in the knowledge they would succeed without her overseeing them. Over four months of coaching she created a system whereby individual members were asked to step up to a variety of problem-saving challenges, and develop better communication skills both within the team and with other divisions – who previously did not understand the function of her team.  She set up regular opportunities for them to present and they were recognised for the outward looking change.  After returning from her 6 month maternity break, the client was told she would be being groomed for the managing director position when her boss was due to retire in 3 years time. 

Case Study Two: Another client in a technology firm was referred for coaching by human resources as a last effort to stave off being fired. Her relationship with her boss, who was based in another country was very difficult and she was uncertain how to better align herself with her on-site colleagues. She was uncertain she wanted to stay but through 9 months of coaching we were able to repair and build the relationship with her boss, expand her network of contacts and increase her opportunities to influence other senior people from the company. Her boss rewarded the turnaround with a bonus in a year when many of her colleagues did not receive bonuses, in recognition of the changes she had made.

Case Study Three: One client in a major retailer came to coaching wanting to leave her company because of poor relations with her manager, and begin looking for a new academic qualification that would give her wider marketing experience. Through the 15 months we worked together she was able to see that staying, but on her own terms would suit her longer term goals better. We were able to strategise and implement a way for her to take on a high profile temporary international marketing project in a developing country. Carefully we positioned her away from a direct reporting relationship with her manager, widen her circle of influence and protect herself from animosity from a disgruntled colleague whose poor work she exposed through her marketing project. When the project was over she negotiated a 40% pay rise, realised she had gotten the experience she wanted in a further degree from the project alone and positioned herself to head a new function on a par with, and permanently away from her previous manager.

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