D & I- Deadly Sin: Failing to use the women’s network as a resource

Women's NetworkD & I – Deadly Sin:  Failing to use the women’s network as a resource. In too many organisations, the women’s network is viewed primarily as needing help or for whom things need to be done for; putting on events and training for example. Instead they should be viewed as a resource for the company. The truth is there is no group better engaged with the topic of women’s progression, your internal culture and the barriers that arise as a result. Plus, they know your product better than anyone else and can give great insight on what an increasingly diverse marketplace demands from services and products.

Truth Time: Product development and marketing teams routinely engage focus groups with would-be customer. Smart D&I professionals should take a leaf out of their book and partner with the network to gain insight on what should be done better internally and how products could better serve an increasingly female client base.

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