Equal Pay – Anything but Monkey Business

As we go into year end you may find yourself rushing to get projects off the ground before taking a break for the holidays. I’m also at the final stages of one of my biggest projects yet; a four month Saltire Fellowship in Boston at Babson College.

One of the key take aways from the Fellowship is making sure you demand your worth in negotiations. I was recently asked to drop my price significantly for a corporate workshop on building self confidence in women in business. I held firm to my price and asked them: “How credible will I be in raising the self worth of your women, when I can’t even stand by my own fair pricing?” After winning the contract, they later told me that it was this argument that won me the work; self-belief is the biggest barrier to getting what we deserve.

On this point, I thought I’d share a dose of humour with you. Equal pay is no joke, but this short video I recently came across humourously surmises the frustration felt by working women who know they are receiving less than male counterparts; particularly when it comes to performance related pay and discretionary bonuses. Let’s look at how we can move past being the “unhappy monkey”!

For my top tips on negotiating for what you are worth check out our webinar; “Getting What You Want: Negotiating for Professional Women to Ask and Get More than You Thought Possible” 

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