Family Planning – Should Your Boss Have A Say?

Are you a female breadwinner considering having a baby or already a mother doing the juggling act? If so what is your view on whether you should divulge your family plans to your employer? My friend Maggie Berry recently wrote about this topic in connection with comments made by Lord Sugar in a House of Lords debate and on the Apprentice TV show. His view is that “women should be forthcoming when being interviewed, declaring their status regarding children and childcare so as to pre-empt the unanswerable questions in the mind of the interviewer”. There is no doubt that making the transition from working woman to working mother is one of the biggest professional challenges you will face. Not only are you likely to get skipped over for promotion if you have mentioned your intentions, you may also face challenges transitioning back into the workplace. Many women come back into work in a less senior role or on a part time basis because they have been either unable to set appropriate boundaries between work and family, or lack the confidence to step back on the career ladder. If you are a mother in a senior role how have you managed the work/home balance? Did you voice your plans in advance? If you would like to know how to manage you maternity leave as a female breadwinner listen to my webinar on July 28th full of strategies and real life stories. You can book online and get more details here.

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  • Esther Haines

    How many empolyers routinely outline their family-friendly policies to prospective employees, regardless of gender? If employers were more pro-active about outlining how they can help then employees mighht be more forthcoming about their plans.