Female Breadwinners LinkedIn Group

Over the last few months several of my clients have suggested creating a Female Breadwinners Group on LinkedIn. As LinkedIn is such a great tool for professional women to connect and network, I have gone ahead and created the group. This group is for women who are a main income earner for your household or who work in a male dominated field – two categories which often overlap!

As a female breadwinner myself, I would love it to be a buzzing networking group where we share our experiences, advice and tips on how to cope with the challenges that being a female breadwinner brings…and our successes too! Please join up and feel free to start discussions on topics that you feel are relevant to other members of the group.

I have kept the group as a members only group in the hope that we will not be inundated with spam. Your request to join will be forwarded to my assistant who will give you access to the group.

Please do take part and let me know what you feel should be included in our group – I really look forward to connecting with other female breadwinners you recommend who are interested in what it takes to be a successful professional woman.

Join the group here.

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