An Idea to be “Thankful” for…Women to Mentor Male Bosses at Dell

Computer monitor I'm excited to hear how the the computer company Dell's "reverse mentoring scheme" develops over the next year. In this innovative programme, male senior executives are mentored by female middle managers. As explained in People Management "the reverse mentoring programme, which was piloted for six months in the EMEA region last year, aims to give male bosses an insight into the challenges women face in the workplace, helping more women into senior roles. Participants in the pilot met at least once a month, usually off-site to allow both sides to be more objective. Ingrid Devin, EMEA diversity manager at Dell, told PM they had deliberately chosen male managers who had a good understanding of diversity to take part in the scheme but “even they had a lot more to learn”. “Until you walk in someone else’s shoes you don’t know,” she said. Male managers often presumed all pregnant employees would not want to travel or take on extra responsibility but in fact “what women want is very particular to each woman”, she said. I'll be watching this space as this is one of the most innovative and promising programmes I have seen in a long time…

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  • Alessandra Frosoni

    Hello Suzanne,
    incredible!! Really a great idea…..I have sent it around….
    Don’t want to be pessimistic on this subject since I do agree that is one of the most innovative idea of the past few years!

  • Noel Gray

    I am excited by this too. Though, I cannot help feel slightly disappointed: when I read the link I assumed it was female senior executives mentoring their male middle managers. It’s progress nonetheless.