ForbesWoman Online Magazine Launches

Woman raising profile Doing my last Internet trawl during a lunch break, I found that Forbes magazine, that long established publication on all things corporate, has just launched a new online magazine dedicated to women in business, ForbesWoman. It is being published by Moira Forbes, established business woman and granddaughter to the scion who started the magazine originally. 

I had a little browse, and while it was understandably very heavily focused on women in corporate settings, it had lots of good articles ranging from How To Manage Money And Marriage and A Circle of Advice on how a group of senior Wall Street women are helping rebuild the US economy to Seeking The Perfect White Shirt. I give it a thumbs up as being interesting for many of the professional females I coach and those interested in women and work issues more generally. 

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  • mhairi

    I’m intrested to know whether other DoyleMorris readers think this is a good idea – or should we perhaps remain focused on gaining our just appearance in the main magazine?