Four Top Tips If You Want To AVOID Promotion

I commonly work with professional women who are aiming for promotion. There is a lot you can do to get noticed by senior stakeholders. However, if you want to be promoted there are four things to avoid:

Don’t threaten – Saying my “husband plays golf with the company president” can come across as a veiled threat. Knowing the company president means nothing if your work isn’t up to standard. Do your research, find out what similar jobs in your industry pay. Make sure your slate is clean and your appraisals positive. And using the phrase “other companies are interested in me” can demonstrate a lack of loyalty.

Don’t ask what they can do for you – turn this around by telling them what you can and have done for them. Keep channels of communication open with your boss so that they know about your achievements and you know what is expected of you. And never try to discuss promotion when you have just missed a deadline or failed to meet a target

Don’t keep quiet – let it be known you have career goals and ask what steps you need to take to achieve them. Talk about your goals in your review and ask what you now need to do or learn in order to gain promotion.

Don’t talk about money, except in terms of how much you can save or earn the company – never say I need a pay rise to pay for school fee’s, a new car, etc. Your boss has no interest in what you do with your salary, they will promote you based on what you bring to the company.

Meredith Lepore gives more tips on ‘How to Get a Promotion, Our Take on What not to Say’ in The Grindstone.

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