Getting over the “Imposter Syndrome” as a Professional Female

Beyond the Boys Club Cover When I was writing "Beyond the Boys' Club" I penned a section on "Imposter Syndrome" – that feeling of self-doubt we all have from time to time where you fear that you are about to "be found out" for how much you don't know :) At the same time, I ran a workshop for professional females on risk-taking and overcoming indecision. One of the delegates, a woman with a PhD in a scientific field, admitted quietly to the larger group that she often felt like a fraud at times. I asked the group who else felt that way at times and every single hand was raised—much to her relief when she cried out: ‘I thought I was the only one!’ If you think success can come to you only once you are perfectly sure of yourself, you will be waiting forever. Successful working women have moments, even days of self-doubt … but they still know they can make the most of any situation. They have the self-belief to overcome the doubt and any mistakes they make along the way. When was the last time your overcame self-doubt?

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  • Vandy Massey

    This is certainly familiar. I think many people have the feeling that they are the only one who experiences self doubt. But as you point out, we don’t often acknowledge it.
    Perhaps the difference comes down to those who let those ‘little voices’ influence what they do, and those who don’t.