“Hell is For Women Who Don’t Help Other Women”

Devilwomaninhell At a Microsoft and Women in Technology event where I was speaking, I heard a quote that I had not come across before, but just loved. It’s was Madeline Albright’s "There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women". As in many things, Madeline was very right. I meet lots of women who would appreciate a guiding hand – perhaps through career advice, or a bit of insider knowledge or just plain old mentoring to help them climb another rung in the corporate ladder. But I also often hear of other more senior women seemingly pulling up the ladder after them. I often wonder, what are those who are already at the top afraid of? That there is only room for one token women in the boardroom? It’s funny – it’s almost as if we accept that there might be only one or two spots at the top for non-white, non-male faces, quicker than we accept that that "tradition" needs to change. What have you done to help other women in your career? How have you been helped by women who have gone before you?

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  • http://www.volunteering.org.uk/evm mhairi

    Fairly strong sentiments there, but I know what Madeleine Albright’s getting at!
    As for women pulling-up the ladder – on the rare ocassions I’ve experienced this, I think it’s been about personal insecurity, rather than wanting to hang-on to the sole token woman position.
    I frequently forward this blog to my female colleagues; flag-up on an organisation level the perennial issue of sexism when it rears its ugly head; forward relevant job ads (to my friends not my colleagues, LOL); share professional development tips; be the best developmental line manager I can be; etc.

  • http://www.ninasimosko.com Nina Simosko

    Madeline sure hit that one on the head! I recently began a blog of my own to try to help those, be it men or women but with a leaning toward women, climb the corporate ladder. I write lots of entries related to leadership and women in leadership that I hope inspire others to “take the climb’. My blog can be viewed at:
    …and I surely welcome any comments from you or your readers.