How does the UK’s most senior female judge handle ‘Imposter Syndrome’?

baroness-hale_2510812bAccording to a recent article in the Telegraph, self doubt is more prevalent amongst women than you might think. If you recognise ’Imposter syndrome’, you’re not alone as it affects even the highest achievers such as Britain’s most senior female judge, Lady Hale, voted 4th most powerful women in the UK by the BBC last year.

Hale spoke to the Telegraph about ‘being found out’: ”I’m a fraud, I’m a fake, they’re going to see through me and see how little I really know”. Hale talks about having to find a balance between her nervousness and managing her adrenaline. She believes men experience this apprehension too but perhaps are more adept at hiding it, or too proud to admit to it. How does Lady Hale deal with her self doubt? She says: ‘Assume you can do it until someone does find you out – why not?”

What can you do? Remind yourself of past challenges you’re already overcome. As I begin the daunting task of my third book, I remind myself: ‘I’ve done this before – and at least this time I’ve already been through the learning curve!’ We often diminish struggles we’ve managed to handle simply because they’re in the past. Most people are so busy worrying about keeping up their own appearances they’ll rarely spend time being as critical of you as you’ll be of yourself. Assume you’ll never quite ‘grow out of it!’. Instead recognise it for the gift it can be: self-doubt makes you stronger- better to learn to ‘coexist with doubt’.

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