How one mother ‘de-sexualised’ her daughter’s dolls and sparked a movement

'de-sexualised' dollsWhen Australian mum Sonia Singh began giving second-hand Bratz dolls a new lease on life after being made redundant from her job, she didn’t anticipate the movement she’d start. With a nail polish remover and a new paint, she repurposed 12 dolls, initially for her own entertainment, but now counts more than 350K likes on her Facebook page and exports dolls all over the world. Her work has been a viral sensation – and one we are delighted to see.

Singh’s approach was simply to remove the dolls’ heavy make-up, remove their high heels and give them age appropriate clothes. Her goal? She wanted natural-looking dolls with whom young girls could actually identify. It was a simple aim but Singh accidentally tapped into the wider debate about hyper-sexualized products aimed at children. It was never her intent to be controversial; in fact her supportive husband remarked he’d been the bigger feminist between the two of them.

We at Female Breadwinners love her initiative, as described in Reshareworthy’s blog and video: ‘Mom Takes Secondhand Dolls And Transforms Them Into Ones Girls Love‘: ‘…young girls prefer them over the old ones because they actually look like them!’ We hope this inspires toys manufacturers to rethink their traditional stock of disproportionately skinny, sexily dressed and heavily made-up children’s toys that primarily teach girls a sexy image is their ultimate goal. These dolls make a great gift for any child. We hope they give Barbie a high-heeled run for her money.

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