I do: Removing wedding rings as a career aid?

MP900409769Even in this day and age; ambitious women sometimes ask me: “I just got married. Do you think this will reduce my chances of securing a new promotion?” I empathise with the question; when I became engaged 10 years ago, I didn’t wear my ring except at the weekends. My employer knew my boyfriend was in the UK and it would have forced questions as to where we were planning to live that I wasn’t ready to answer.

Many working women feel that being married changes the way their employers perceive them; as if they are about to leave to have children or become ‘less committed’ now that there perhaps is another breadwinner on hand.

Clearly, this isn’t a question I’m alone in answering.  A recent survey in the UK on reasons why women remove their wedding rings showed 35% of women regularly remove their wedding or engagement rings at work, believing appearing single increases their chances of getting a job or being promoted. A further third take their rings off when going for a job interview.

The Telegraph commented on the survey, “The research suggests many women worry that employers or prospective employers interpret a wedding ring as ‘about to take time out and start a family’, making her an “unattractive hire”. Men who wear wedding rings, on the other hand, do not face the same fears.” In fact, we often view married men as the most stable and hardest working. After all ‘they have a family to provide for’ – a 21st century reality we overlook for women.

Have you ever hidden or been tempted to hide an impending engagement or marriage by removing a ring?


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  • Daisy Lara

    Well, as per the survey by telegraph as well as in our professional life it is clearly seen that wearing a wedding or engagement ring somewhere affects negatively for the women but I think removing the engagement ring or hiding such things is not the perfect solution.

  • Lucy Lane

    I personally wouldn’t hide my enagement or wedding ring. Whether you’r wearing a high priced diamond ring or one of the more affordable engagement rings , it’s all about showing your relationship status to the world. It would be missing the point if you are to hide it.