If You Want More Money, Ask For It

Money_thrown_away In my work with successful women, one of the key messages I hear is that if there is something you want, you must ask for it. One of the quickest ways to become demoralised in today’s workplace is to feel that you deserve better treatment, more money, more interesting projects… and expect someone else to notice and right that wrong for you. The truth is, you are never going to get what you deserve, you will only get what you demand. How well paid you are, like it or not, lies largely with what you are willing to accept – and hence is in your hands. It’s a tough realisation – but no one is going to care about your career progression as much as you.

It is great to have a stellar performance, be well-respected by your team and have impressive qualifications, but that is not enough. You must have the guts, or develop them quickly, to ask for what you are truly worth. Otherwise, waiting to be rewarded by others is a long and most often fruitless waiting game. When did you first ask for what you were worth?      

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