Individual Coaching – Six Sessions for Success

At FemaleBreadwinners, we recently noticed a pattern among our private coaching clients who make the most progress, achieve the greatest career success and create the biggest changes in their lives.

The clients who get the most impressive results are those who invest in at least six one-to-one coaching sessions.

To facilitate more success for our clients, and on a time scale to suit you, we are rolling out a high-value package of six 50-minute telephone executive coaching sessions for just £1179 plus VAT. Face to face coaching sessions are available, but telephone coaching is a more time and cost effective option for the woman who wants to invest in her own career.
If you would prefer to discuss if telephone coaching is right for you please email Suzanne or call 01333 312111

Alternatively if you would like to discuss pricing for face to face coaching again please email or call on the above number.

You can take your six sessions over six months to work towards your next appraisal or even over a few weeks to help you get through a round of interviews or high pressure negotiations.

Perhaps you’d like to:

  • Proactively design your career strategy
  • Prepare for a new role or a high profile presentation
  • Raise your profile without sacrificing your integrity
  • Get ahead without having to be ‘one of the boys’
  • Project a confident image matching the high-quality work you are already delivering?

Whatever your career goal, the focus is on whatever works best for what you need right now.

The six sessions are telephone-based and at a time to suit you for maximum convenience.

Executive coaching with Suzanne Doyle-Morris will put you in the driving seat of your career and job future.

To take advantage of the six – session package for £1179 plus VAT, contact suzanne @ or

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If you would prefer face to face sessions, call 01333 312111 to discuss these premium packages

But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It…

“I cannot praise Suzanne highly enough. I first came across the work of this fantastic coach when I read Suzanne’s book Beyond the Boys Club. It has quickly become the compass for my career: full of insightful advice. I bought the book for friends and colleagues (and not only women) as I believe it is important to share Suzanne’s knowledge. I had the great pleasure of meeting Suzanne and being coached by her. She is very personable, knowledgeable and provides pragmatic and tailored advice. I took part in the “Beyond the Boys Club” workshop and, as always happens with Suzanne, it was a memorable day. Very informative, useful and straight to the point. If you are looking to take the next step in your career look no further: contact Suzanne, take part in her workshop and work with Suzanne as your career coach. It is one of the best choices that you can make. Thanks Suzanne … and I am looking forward to the next book on women as breadwinners.”

Isabella Brusati, LLM FCIPD

“I have been very impressed by Suzanne’s coaching skills and I have found the coaching sessions with her to be invaluable. Each session left me feeling energised and buzzing with new ideas. Suzanne has a great ability to make people reflect on what they say and want and this has helped me greatly to understand myself better and to identify what I wanted in my next job.”

Dr. Sophie Messager, Sanger Institute

“Suzanne is flexible and very easily switches gears to address whatever the challenge of the day is, she has been so valuable to me and ….I recommend her to numerous friends and colleagues.”

Kelly Mulvey, Head of License to Trade, SABMiller

“Since the workshop I have increased in confidence and have realised that we have to take our own development into our own hands – nobody else will do it for you.”

Julia Enning, Commercial Account Manager, Marshall Aerospace

“I think coaching is invaluable for those of us with careers, houses, a family (where ever they are), busy social life and particularly those with other halves and kiddy winkles – and those of us who wished we had time to go to the gym and walked the dog a little more often! Since working with Suzanne, I am more organised, getting more done and I have been less stressed.  My To Do list has shrunk and I have targeted tasks.”

Charlotte Egerton, Surveyor, Savills

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