Doing The Laundry – His Versus Hers

I was speaking the other day in Frankfurt and a woman remarked how her husband did want credit for doing things around the house…but only did things in a half-baked way. I started a discussion about this on our Female Breadwinners LinkedIn group, and have had feedback that our members nodded their heads with a wry smile.

She had come home and he had proudly said ‘Laundry’s Done!” to which she saw a pile of crumpled clothes in the drier.

His 3 steps to laundry:

  1. Collect clothes from laundry basket
  2. Wash
  3. Dry

Her 9 steps to doing the laundry ‘properly’

  1. Ferret clothes out from around the house that belong in the washing basket, but somehow haven’t made it (i.e pants still in trousers crumpled on the floor, socks torn off when watching the telly – ladies you know what I mean)
  2. Add to the ‘official’ clothes hamper and take to the laundry room.
  3. Sort clothes not just according to lights and darks but also remove wools, cashmere, silk – anything that you don’t want to fit your daughter’s barbie doll.
  4. Choose the right temperature and ferret out stains with pre-wash spray.
  5. Wash.
  6. Inspect clothes after they come out of laundry for stains that didn’t quite come out and to hang anything that is not sturdy enough for dryer.
  7. Dry remainders.
  8. Fold clothes and pair items like socks – all clothes going into piles according to owner.
  9. Take piles up to owners rooms and encourage/bribe/plead/do it yourself for them to be put away.

Okay – now job done!

In the group we joked about the 6 other steps he was missing. If this at sounds familiar and easy response of “thanks for starting the laundry – can you finish it by folding and taking it upstairs whilst I get started on the dinner and bathing the children?”

We’d love to hear your stories, whether they be amusing, uplifting or depressing!

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