Is it Any Better for Women Executives in the US?

Building_3 In the U.K., we often think that the U.S. is a few years ahead of us with new fashions in everything from  exercise routines, personal development fads and even equality initiatives – it brings us a mix of excitement and dread:) As an American who has lived in the U.K. for the past 11 years, I was therefore dismayed to read that things are not really improving for American women when it comes to representation on executive boards.

A new report by InterOrganization Network looked at the percentage of women who hold corporate board seats or executive officer positions in the U.S. Their conclusion: “for every gain, there appears to be a loss.” In fact, whilst women held 15% of the board seats at Fortune 500 companies, another 12% have no female directors at all." There was a sense of inertia with as many losses of high profile women as there were gains to these companies. Do you have senior women on the boards of your organisation? Does that make any difference to the organisational culture?  Read more by clicking here.

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