It’s Not the Economy that’s Holding you Back

Money_in_hand How are the dismal predictions about the economy affecting you?  Everyone on both sides of the Atlantic is talking about an impending recession and how they are hunkering down in preparation for "tough times ahead". While I am not oblivious to the strains that a freeze on spending may cause, for example, in personal spending and amongst the HR departments that buy my services, I do think that keeping a positive outlook is the best way forward. There can be a tendency to use a shaky economy as a safe rationalisation for not making a career change…"better play it safe and stay in a job I hate". The funny thing is that people often feel as trapped by a booming economy and use excuses then too … "things are really good at work at the moment and I am due for a big bonus at the end of the year". Successful women see past adversity and look at uncertain economic times as a chance for growth and opportunity. Have you ever used one or both of these arguments to rationalise staying in an environment you hate? 

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