It’s Vital For Career Progression To Get Yourself Noticed

On my last trip to London I was in a meeting with the Head of Diversity for a multi-national consultancy talking about mentoring. She told me something that I found sad and quite shocking. One of the senior male managers had instigated a regular drop in open hour where staff could go and ask anything career related. Over the course of a year not one woman had taken the opportunity to talk to him. This reminded me that sometimes we career women can be our own worst enemy. It’s not good enough to keep your head down, work hard and hope you get noticed. You can bet that any men who took up the open hour opportunity did it as much to raise their profile with a senior manager as they did to actually ask a question. It’s vital if you are looking for career progression or your next promotion to be strategic and make sure that you get yourself noticed by senior managers and board members. In the New Year make a resolution to find out whether your company runs open hours or career progression workshops, attend meetings and make comments – in short work on your visibility plan. You can read more of my articles about raising your profile in the workplace here.

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  • Esther Haines

    I offer three speculations as to why this might be.
    1) Women do not prioritize this type of long term career development so it never reaches the top of their to-do list.
    2) They don’t know what to ask.
    3) They may feel they have more to lose if they ask an inappropriate question – if they ask a silly question they may be confirming their incompetence.