Looking for a New Career? Seek Feedback from Others.

Woman_with_diary Some of my clients are seeking major career changes but are completely unsure about which direction to take. Sometimes, rather than engage in circular thinking about all their potential options, it pays to enlist the opinions of those you trust. Don’t just ask "What do you think I should do?’ as that is too open-ended and answers are not likely to get at the crux of what you want.

Rather, I would suggest asking 4 or 5 people – family and friends, previous or current colleagues or mentors -  people who know you well and whose opinion you respect to answer the following 4 questions in a written format so you can look for patterns.

  1. What do you think I need in a job?
  2. What do you see in me that I may not see in myself?
  3. What kind of environment do you think I would enjoy?
  4. What do you see as my most marketable skills and personality strengths? 
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