Made a Mistake at Work? How to Salvage Your Reputation

Traffic_light As much as we were told they are good manners, when you make a mistake at work, bosses are not interested in a string of "I'm sorry's". We will all make a gaffe at some point – overlook something, go over budget on a project, not deliver a report on time, not communicate with the right person, send the wrong information to a client. It's a fact of working and having a career – you won't be able to escape making the odd mistake or two. However, the best thing you can do afterwards is show what you learned from it. Although apologies may sound good to our ears,  what you really want to be able to tell your employer are the following five things:

  1. What happened in a short and concise description without blame.
  2. What you learned from the experience – again briefly.
  3. What you and the rest of the team are doing to solve the problem.
  4. When that solution will be delivered.
  5. What you will do differently next time to make sure it doesn't happen again. 
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  • KL

    What do you do if the mistake gets you fired and what you suspect is something of an underground reputation?
    Is there a salvage for that one?