In House “Beyond the Boys’ Club” Keynote & Masterclasses

Developing and retaining talent is more important than ever.

Are your employees proactive in developing their career?

The evidence is out – developing women into senior roles pays bottom line dividends.

Do the events you run truly develop your female employees?

Dr. Suzanne Doyle-Morris runs in-house Masterclasses that mix interactive work with practical actionable points you can immediately put into practice.

The success factors are based on the strategies of successful women, as discussed in the widely-selling book by Dr. Suzanne Doyle-Morris “Beyond the Boys’ Club: Strategies for Achieving Career Success as a Woman Working in a Male Dominated Field.”

Do you want your talented female employees to:

Increase their self-confidence and business savvy

Learn how to raise their profile inside your organisation and with external clients

Pro-actively take control of their career progression

Gain recognition and respect without having to become “one of the boys”

To get ahead you have to increase your visibility, take risks and build the right connections – all of which will help you get credit for your ideas and develop your career confidence and sense of direction.

No one will ever care about your job as much as you do.

Delivering good work is no longer enough.

See what other event organisers have said below.

A full day workshop covers:

1. Profile-Building with Authenticity

Creating strong relationships and building a profile that is attractive and compelling to others can only be achieved if you are doing it with authenticity. This first part of the workshop will help you decide what really motivates you and what characteristics attract others to your message – collaboration, humour, honesty, creativity – these values are compelling to others.

2. Raise Your Profile to Get the Credit you and Your Team Deserve

Getting comfortable with self-promotion is important for any professional looking for career advancement. Getting recognition and credit for your ideas and work is vital. During the second half of the morning, we will focus on the online, face-to-face and time-management strategies senior professional women use to get noticed for all the right reasons whilst maintaining your credibility and sense of integrity.

3. Take the Risks that Will Make the Difference

What are the risks that can help make, and not break your career? Which choices have savvy professional women made that helped set them apart? Have they sought out their interesting, but high-risk short-term projects? Have they worked internationally? Do they seek out cross-functional experience? After a full lunch, we will focus on what challenges can help create a fantastic career and how to spot the opportunities around you that you might not even yet see.

4. Widen Your Circle of Influence both Inside and Outside your Organisation

For the final part of the day we will address how to access key decision makers both inside and outside your organisation.  Do you know who the senior people are in your field – and more importantly, do they know you?   To wrap up the day, we will focus on building the right network both inside and outside your organisation to help you get the stakeholder recognition you deserve and the collaborations that will make the difference.

Keynotes and Events

For a stand-out large event, Suzanne covers these themes in her signature keynote “Moving Beyond the Boys’ Club”

Additionally, the full day programme above can be tailored to suit your time scale and audience. They can be divided into shorter segments ideal for network meetings, evening events, lunchtime training sessions or break-out sessions during conferences.

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But don’t just take our word for it…

What Event Sponsors Say…

“When we are seeking high quality, professional and focused training on issues to do with gender in particular, we have sought out Suzanne. We always get a large turnout for her talks and workshops, she is popular and has a lot of credibility with women in our organisation and she provides effective and accessible expertise. We know if we want to be sure of a successful event, Suzanne will deliver.”

Sigrid Fisher, Head of Equality and Diversity, University of Cambridge

Suzanne recently presented to Morgan Stanley’s Women Network on how to suceed in a rapidly changing world. Her advice was easy to follow, but more importantly her tips were all something that you could walk away and implement immediately. This presentation was part of our long-week annual flagship event and she helped shape the agenda for the whole week. She offered her input and enthusiasm without being asked, and her contribution was a key contributor to making the whole week such a success. Cannot recommend her highly enough. Thanks, Suzanne!”

Lena Young, Morgan Stanley

“Suzanne presented to Women in Banking & Finance, Scotland on aspects of her book, Beyond the Boys Club. Her passion and expertise was infectious. The quality of the Q&A that followed her presentation was testament to how deeply her subject matter resonated with the audience. Suzanne is very personable and an absolute pleasure the work with and I have no hesitation in recommending her and her work.”

Louise Kirk, Chair Women in Banking and Finance – Scotland

“Suzanne recently spoke to the Thomson Reuters Markets’ Women in Technology special interest group about how to progress their careers. Her message was very powerful and simple, “no one cares as much about your career as you do!” Suzanne gave our group some very practical and actionable ideas to help progress their careers, and some very personal advice regarding balancing their work and home life. It was a terrific session and we are looking forward to having Suzanne come back!”

Jane Moran, Thomson Reuters Markets

“Suzanne came and spoke at our first ever Women in Project Management Development Day. She ran two hour workshops and the time flew by, packed with interaction and brilliant ideas for us. Her ratings included 31 ‘excellent’ and 11 ‘good’ which is much better than the average for APM speakers. Thank you Suzanne – great working with you.”

Penny Pullan, Chair of Women in Project Management