Men Are Bigger Liars Than Women It Seems

Telling-off-s Is it true that men are bigger
liars than women
? According to BBC News In a poll of 3,000 people, researchers
found that the average British man tells three lies every day, that's
equivalent to 1,092 a year. However the average woman appears more honest,
lying 728 times a year – around twice a day. At least we do feel guilt, 82% of
women say it eats away at them compared to 70% of men
. Whilst it appears that
Mums are the ones we lie to most it does beg the question – what does this mean
for the workplace?
Elaine Wilkes, Ph.D., a therapist and author of Nature's Secret Messages: Hidden In Plain
says there are some telltale signals you can look out for to
see if you are being lied to. For example if someone verbally says yes to
something but physically says no by a very slight shake of the head.
There are
other signals such as using a physical barrier – a file held across the stomach
or a crossed leg which both show discomfort
, and hands held up to the mouth
show the person is unsure of what they are saying. Of course the eyes are a giveaway
too particularly if the person doesn’t want to make eye contact. Wilkes also
suggests that in a corporate environment you should be wary of someone when
asking for a raise and hoping for an honest answer if their left hand stays
in a pocket or behind their back. This is because the left side of the
body is ruled by the right hemisphere of the brain which governs your sense of
self. However, as we are all different you need to understand what is ‘normal’
body language
for each person and then you can tell when verbally they are
saying one thing but physically their body is telling the real truth.

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