Men Overestimate Intelligence – Women Underestimate Theirs

Woman_with_man_at_keyboard A new study shows men aren’t smarter than women – they just think they are. According to research by Professor Adrian Furnham, of University College London, men overstate their intelligence while women underplay theirs. In looking at 25 studies of sex differences in IQ, he found that women on average predict their IQ score will be five points lower than men do. The Professor reported "Men are not cleverer but they appear to be more confident, he said, which can have beneficial effects in the interview and even the examination room’. When looking at between group differences, he found even larger differences with men in the "average-to-dim" category tend to think they are cleverer than they are. Unfortunately, he also found that very bright women often believe their IQ is much lower than their actual score.

This finding makes perfect sense to me as I speak frequently speak with women who would not consider applying for a certain job unless they could fulfil every one of the supposed prerequisites in the person specification, whereas male clients will apply if they feel they have a good handle of two or three of the five or so "required skills". Men believe they can learn on the job – which they most often can, the difference is that women don’t even give themselves the opportunity to apply and find the person specification is an ideal – not a word-for-word requirement. Have you ever gotten a job you didn’t think you were qualified for, only to take learning the new skills in your stride?

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