Mentoring – What’s in it for Mentors?

Mentoringwomensmall_2 I am asked frequently about where to get good quality mentoring, but rarely am I approached about where people can volunteer to mentor. People even ask me " what’s in it for the mentor?" As if the benefits of mentoring were purely one-sided? A recent study by the East Mentors Forum found that "62% of mentors said the experience had benefited by improving their own job performance by enhancing their own knowledge and understanding."

In my experience, mentoring often gives people a renewed job satisfaction as they pass on knowledge. It is also an outlet to realise just how far they have come in their own development – not something we tend to focus on when the next challenge is always just around the corner. It can also help the mentor keep their ear to the ground as to developments and morale "within the ranks" to as well as the potential to spot the upcoming stars. Women I work with assume that they are not "experienced enough" to mentor. As if total career confidence is just around the corner! People often erroneously think mentoring should solely come top brass but even if you are just a few years into a job, you still have knowledge to pass on. Entry level employees can mentor new hires  -  and new hires can mentor college students! I challenge all women to mentor someone - no matter how long you have been in your job or how much knowledge you have. It is always more than someone else – and you will get more than you thought out of the experience.

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