Moving Beyond The Boys’ Club With Women In Technology, Friday 21st November

The most successful women working in male-dominated fields know that you can’t win the game if you’re not willing to play the game. These same women understand that the best way to change the game – and make it work for them – is as a key player – not as an outsider.

This Friday 21st of November I will be hosting a Beyond the Boys’ Club workshop at Women in Technology. I love running these workshops as the day is intensive, hands on and face to face.

We  take an interactive approach to look at how career progression, especially in male dominated fields, is a blend of aptitude and attitude, manoeuverability, understanding office politics, coupled with self awareness and confidence. Women who get ahead are those who make key decision makers aware of their wins. When you work with men you have to learn how to play the game and get comfortable raising your profile the way they do.  We need to learn how to play with the boys in order to move beyond the boys club.  We should take the best of what they can teach us whilst maintaining a sense of our own integrity, individuality and independence.

This course will help you:
• Develop self-promotion skills to increase professional visibility.
• Identify strategies for career enhancement according to your values and current options.
• Improve ability to influence others and develop effective relationships.
• Increase visibility for achievements in ways that are individually authentic

There are a few spaces left – get more details and booking information here.

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