New Power Girls on Huffington Post

Woman-in-group-in-red  For those of you who haven't seen The Huffington Post, it's a blog I highly recommend, not only did it keep me up to date with the recent American election, it has great pieces of social commentary, including the one written by Patricia Handschiegel, on the The New Power Girls. She writes: "Perhaps a hybrid of Baby Boomer work ethic, 70s freedom, and the great women in business boom of the 80s and 90s, they're a deadly concoction of drive, ambition and an anything-is-possible mindset. What's interesting is that it goes beyond the business world into every corner of their lives. They have rich social lives and good friends, husbands, great families, and live comfortably. They love style, looking good, support social change, and most of all, are happy." Sounds like my clients who enjoy their life, but want to get and give more from it. Sound familiar?

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  • mhairi

    Thanks for the link to the Huffington Post, which I’d read about, but not got round to trying.
    I do despair at the tag ‘Girls’, which I realise, Suzanne, is not of your devising. People who are achieving all the above – and quite frankly I felt tired just reading about it – are most definitely women.