Newly expecting? What messages should you send your boss

MaternityEmployers are often unsure if and how to fill temporary vacant positions, uncertain if female employees will return to work. On the other hand, many dedicated new parents find their positions threatened by inflexible company policies. There are steps you can take to ensure your boss knows how committed you are to your career. So how can you send the right messages to your employer before you take parental leave?

1. As with most challenges, communication is key – before, during and after an employee’s return. If you as an expectant mother want to return, be very clear with your boss that this is your intention. Don’t fall foul of the assumption you won’t be interested in new opportunities or promotions because of mothering. Too frequently if bosses routinely see women leave after becoming mothers, they assume ‘that’s just the way it is’ and we mentally prepare for her permanent departure. This is particulary prevalent among male managers whose wives left the workplace after they had children.

2. Insist you have access to the company intranet and other industry news. Markets can change quickly and you’ll be up to speed faster if you are kept in the loop. Otherwise, lack of communication can build up resentment on either side, with each side assuming they are doing the other a ‘favour’. To this point, keep in touch with key clients so there is less of a chance of your client book ‘migrating’ in your absence.

3. Whilst on your leave; begin discussions with your boss on how you’d like to return. What’s feasible with the daycare options you have. Choices like a staggered return to work, part-time or remote working, onsite childcare or job sharing are all options worth exploring. While there is no standard solution to the issue, it’s like any other extended absence – the key is in having honest conversations.

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