Perfectionists Are People Who Take Pains – And Then Give Them to Everyone Else

Waves_crashing My mother, from whom I inherited my perfectionist and incessant list-making tendencies, recently shared with me the above quote. She said she heard it years ago in an away-day for marriage counselling – an apt place for such a great phrase if I ever heard of one. And whilst I can’t say that she nor I have completely conquered our perfectionist streaks, it is an expression that I can recognise in myself.

Don’t get me wrong, perfectionists are useful people – they set high standards for themselves and get a lot done. The problem only comes from setting the exact same standard for everyone else all the time, even when those people are likely to be able to come up with some wonderful way of their own to accomplish the same thing. If you can identify with the quote above, who could you be a little easier on? How might that surprise you?

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  • mhairi

    it’s so liberating to have a laugh at an area i want to improve in!