Pipeline’s Broken Promise for Female MBAs

Male female weights Having an MBA sadly doesn’t
appear to level the gender playing field
according to the second report Pipeline’s
Broken Promise
from the series The Promise of Future Leadership: Highly
Talented Employees in the Pipeline. These reports set out to see how the best
and brightest have fared
post MBA and have discovered career women lag behind
in both advancement and compensation and are less satisfied with their
careers overall
“‘Give it
time,’ has run its course,” said Ilene H. Lang, President  & Chief Executive Officer, Catalyst. “In a
world where women comprise 40 percent of the global workforce
and are earning
advanced and professional degrees in record numbers—even surpassing men in many
cases—gender inequity is a waste. Companies without parity for women at all
levels are unsustainable. Smart leaders will act now or risk falling behind.”
The report found that men were twice as likely as women to be in CEO or senior
executive level roles
and that on average they were being paid $4,600 more than
a woman in their first role. They were also more likely to start their post MBA
career at a higher level than women. One piece of good news is that the report
served as a wakeup call to CEOs and senior leaders to make recommendations for
corrective action
. Not soon enough I think.

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