Recession-Hit Companies Target Women Consumers

One dollar bill As women are responsible for making a whopping 80% of consumer decisions, many companies hit badly by the recession are waking up to the reality of creating and marketing products for a female audience. In an article in The Economist patronisingly entitled Hello,Girls explains "Aside from their greater purchasing clout, women are valuable customers for three reasons. First, they are loyal, says Marti Barletta, author of “Marketing to Women”, and more likely to continue to buy a brand if they like it. Second, women are more likely than men to spread information about products they like through word of mouth and social-networking sites. Third, most of the lay-offs so far in America have been in male-dominated fields, like manufacturing and construction. This means women may bring home a greater share of household income in the months ahead and have even more buying power." I'm all for companies realising what a treasure trove women are, but only if they realise that to truly have impact , they need more women in senior positions to help determine what products get created in the first place…for women and men.  

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  • mhairi

    i’m hoping the title was an ironic swipe at cynical marketers chasing the main buck…. but it just stirs-up bad memories of those awful bra ads in the 1990s, entitled “hello boys”!
    the sexist tone of the last paragraph just confirms all my suspicions of consumerism, marketing unecessary goods, etc.
    please, post something positive to stop me gnashing my teeth :-P