Release Your Inner (and Outer!) Perfectionist!

Tellingoffs_2  Most of the women I work with are perfectionists at heart. And while nothing is wrong with high standards, I normally work with them to help them "pick their perfect moments" in order to get back time, good relationships with colleagues and even their sanity. That is, while every piece of work, topic of research, project and report should be of high quality – do not confuse quality with perfection. Quality is what will get the report out the door on time – perfection is what will have you still working at 11pm whilst all your colleagues have since long gone home.

Besides the countless extra hours perfection takes, it is difficult to work with within a team setting as other team mates often feel that they are being judged poorly by the perfectionist at best and disregarded for interesting work at worst – which is no way to boost morale in a group setting. The perfectionist also has a home life that might be familiar – she is the one who won’t let anyone else do the ironing, because they won’t do it "the right way" – and hence are labouring under more than need be. Do you want to let go of some of your inner perfectionist? How have you already started to be a bit easier on yourself?

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