Risk-Taking Never Ends

Scalingtheheights As an executive coach specialising in working with executive women, many women come to me when they are about to take a risk – make a career change, move abroad, leave the industry they have worked in for 20 years. It is one big decision or risk they have contemplating for a long time. However, what they often find is that after they take that one risk – more inevitably follow. Successful people have to take risks on an ongoing basis, each time they reach a new goal (and hence set another) or when they hit a stumbling block and need to change course. In some cases, they have to give up the thing they thought would bring them the greatest happiness – but left them ultimately hollow or unfulfilled. When I found a well-paid job in the field that my PhD had prepared me for, it was a wake-up call when I realised how little I enjoyed it. I had to take the next risk – moving back to Britain without a job or even a sense of career direction. I eventually decided to set up my own business and as any entrepreneur will tell you, it has been one risk after another! But I am hanging in there and knowing that I have taken many risks, most of which have worked out, gives me the confidence to do what successful women all over the world do….take more risks.  What was the biggest risk you have taken?   

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  • mhairi

    “Successful people have to take risks constantly”.
    Hmmmm, I don’t know whether to be reassured by this (I’m taking a large risk in my working life) or daunted!
    Either way, it’s a really useful maxim to keep in mind.