Should More Be Done To Ensure Gender Equity In Leadership?

Male female weights There are some really interesting points made in this piece by
Barbara Kellerman
about women in leadership. Some of the statistics quoted show
how badly represented women are in top jobs
for example only 3% of Fortune 500
companies are headed by women and 6% of the 100 top technology companies.
It obviously
hits a nerve because to date it has had 47 comments some of which don’t hold
back in their abuse of Kellerman and her ‘whining’.
She points out that
although there has been some progress in the number of women in leadership it
comes at a cost – 54% of women in top jobs are childless and 33% are unmarried.
Kellerman goes on to give some suggestions for change she says “Women and men
must own the problem
. They must acknowledge, openly, that the paucity of women
leaders is equity denied. They must admit, openly, that equity denied is
expensive — socially, politically, and economically”
and that “both men and
women must make it socially and politically, professionally and personally,
unacceptable to tolerate significant imbalance.” She sums up by saying that as
long as equity remains a concern as opposed to a cause
, women will continue to
struggle to achieve the top roles. So what are your views on this issue? Do you
consider this to be a ‘whine’ or should more be done to ensure gender equity in

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