Show me a Retailer that Specialises in Workwear and I will Show You a Happy Professional Woman!

Woman_in_tie Over the past few years I have changed from someone who used to love clothes shopping to someone who abhors it. Ironically, of course, as the number of presentations and speeches I present increases, so too does the need to look professional- therein lies the rub. It’s not that I don’t love fashion but my first question for most items is "Could I wear that to work?" And over the past few seasons, the answer has always been a resounding "no".

Baby doll dresses, the boho look (who actually thinks this is a flattering look?), generous cleavage exposure, linen overload (travels horrendously) bare arms, overly short or tight just does not make the grade - though they seem to be what retailers want to sell us. The irony is that like most of my clients, work-wear is actually what I spend the greatest proportion of my time in - so should be my focus. It was with great relief then that I read 20 pages dedicated to women’s work-wear (what a revolutionary idea!) in the Sunday Times Style section featuring designers such as Britt Lintner. For anyone else feeling a bit flummoxed by finding appropriate, well-made and beautiful professional clothes that travel well, check out the full article.   

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