Sleep Your Way to a Better Career

Womanasleep Everyone knows we should be getting more sleep but who has the time? I was one of the waking cynics, thinking I can sleep more when I am dead, but yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing a presentation by Dr. James Maas, a sleep specialist at Cornell University, who explained just how imperative it is to get our 8 hours. The average person claims they get 7 hours of sleep, but when those people are tested they actually get just 6 - which is a good indicator that we all probably overestimate we actually get. Why is it so important to get sleep? Well, from a work perspective, 1/3 of all people have fallen asleep on the job in the last month alone, and most people will say they feel drowsy at different time during the day – affecting judgement and increasing frequency of mistakes. And think having a drink after work will help you relax? Scarily, the impact of having a single alcoholic drink the day after you have had just 6 hours (remember that is average actually) has the same impact on your driving ability as 6 drinks on a full 8 hours. And if you need any more convincing, simply switching to having a full 8 hours (from 6) will help you lose up to a pound and a half of weight per week! Hearing all that was enough for me to hit the hay early last night. 

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  • Bill Coughlin

    Great Information