Stellar Interview Skills Won’t Help If Boss Thinks You’ll Leave To Have A Baby

Maternity bump at work I found this article about Women in IT being better
interviewees but not being offered the job
very dismaying. A survey carried out
by found that 59% of bosses felt that women applicants had
performed better than men
at interview beating them in 11 out of 18 criteria,
and that they presented their skills more effectively. They also found that a
staggering 72.3 % found the women more affable and personable during the
. What is worrying is that almost half of these employers said they did
not hire females for fear of them leaving and having a baby
. Added to that,
inequality is also being created by there not being enough women in Technology
applying for these jobs. This becomes a vicious circle with fewer women
applying and when they do, despite their skills, not being hired
. We are
surpassing hurdles in so many ways, except for unspoken bias it would seem.

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  • Esther Haines

    It is, of course, illegal to discriminate against women because they might have a baby. However, there is more going on here than just bias. There are real costs associated with women taking maternity leave if they hold a key position within the company, which are not just the costs of maternity pay. These are of particular concern to small enterprises (and, according to, 98% of businesses have fewer than fifty employees). Perhaps there is a business opportunity here helping businesses quantify and mitigate the short term risks in order to enjoy the long term benefits.